Paintings and Fine Art


Explore the soft horizons of gorgeous landscapes, delicate still-life scenes and free creative vision through watercolors.  Fine artist Betsy Jacaruso brings a colorful world of artistic imagination and impeccable talent to each scene, creating immersive watercolor landscapes and captivating scenes that inspire.  Surrounded by refined watercolor paintings, Jacaruso also teaches aspiring students this rich and delicate art form, and helps them bring their own creative visions to life through watercolors.

With soft color mixing, fascinating detail and elegant composition, each painting offers a unique study for each viewer.  From bright and beautiful sunny landscapes and blooms of colorful flowers to the pensive riverbeds in grayscale and misty bays in ghostly twilight, Jacaruso captures a rainbow of stirring feelings.  Art admirers of all tastes are sure to find a landscape to transport them or a scene to uplift them wherever they are.  For artists seeking to create their own watercolor masterpieces, Jacaruso offers painting classes ranging from beginner to expert in the studio.

Browse the watercolor paintings and fine art for sale in Rhinebeck, NY, to find an elegant showpiece for your favorite room.  Contact Betsy Jacaruso to learn more about any painting or painting class.


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