Guest Workshops



iPhone Workshops

with Mary Ann Glass


GOING BEYOND BASICS  – July 27, 10-12pm

 Learn how to use some of the most powerful phone apps to correct, enhance and transform your photos.  This is not a tech-heavy class – the apps are inexpensive, easy to use but transformative.  iPhones/iPads/Androids and all levels welcome.

$50/$35 for returnees. Email to sign-up:


THE TRANSFORMED IMAGE  – August 3, 10-12pm

Utilize phone apps to transform your images beyond photos.  The apps use texture, overlays, underlays and painting techniques.  iPhones/iPads only: sorry Androids – a lot of the apps aren’t available on your system.  All levels welcome: you don’t need to take the Going Beyond Basic course to take this one

 $50/$35 for returnees. Email to sign-up:


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